• Free Instant Setup
• Windows/Linux OS
• 400 Mb Disk Space
• 8 Gb Data Transfer
• 40 Email accounts
• 2 MySQL DB's
• Free Instant Setup
• Windows/Linux OS
• 600 Mb Disk Space
• 12 Gb Data Transfer
• 60 Email accounts
• 4 MySQL DB's
PC Service Provider is built around three core values:

» providing the ultimate site performance and reliability,
» delivering personalized and dependable customer service around the clock, and
» offering all this at the best value.

Unsurpassed Performance

To ensure the absolute maximum up-time for your site, we have connected all of our servers to a fully redundant network, with multiple OC-12 fiberoptic lines bringing your site to the world. Multiple backbone providers mean that your site remains available even if one of the providers were to go down. A 50% network capacity policy ensures that there are never delays during peak hours, and allows for fully burstable bandwidth. In addition, all our Tier 1 providers guarantee 100% up-time plus zero packet loss.

Power supply is also assured, as all of our equipment runs off UPS (Uninterrupted Power Source) and an industrial diesel generator. In the event of power brownout or failure, UPS allows all servers to continue running while the generator automatically kicks in.

We also have implemented extensive security precautions to protect all equipment and data at all times. Equipment is monitored with digital video surveillance, and access to all areas is restricted by digitally encrypted entrance passes. Data is protected with host-based and network-based detection systems to prevent hostile attacks.

Friendly and Reliable Support

PC Service Provider is committed to providing the fastest and most responsive customer service and support: all calls are answered by a live customer service representative, e-mails are answered within 30 minutes, and support tickets are almost always resolved within one hour.

Our support technicians are highly trained engineers, experienced in troubleshooting all aspects of web hosting. They form a team that is committed to accurate and friendly customer service for all issues.

PC Service Provider knows the importance of highly responsive customer service, and spares no effort in providing it to you. Any time you have a question or concern about your service, you can reach us by telephone, live chat, or e-mail.

Greatest Value

Who says you can't have all of that at a great value? All of our services are not only reliable and fast, but also affordable.

We bring you the best service and most up-to-date technology at reasonable prices. We believe in our quality services so much that we provide a completely hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.

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